Screening procedure

Why is pre-employment screening useful?

Highlighting the professional reliability of candidates is important, both because of the reputation and commercial success of your organization as well as a part of caring for customers and employees. Pre-employment screening is congruent with this viewpoint and is transparently attached to the selection process of your company.

A pre-employment screening cannot prevent irregularities, fraud or other criminal behavior. Should such a tool exist, law enforcement would be rendered obsolete. What  a screening can do is to mitigate risk by becoming more careful about who is provided access to your company. When you can provide a safe work environment with competent personnel, everyone wins.

A pre-employment is screening is just one tool that can be used among a plethora of preventive integrity controls. For integrity-sensitive positions radical ‘in-employment’ screenings should be organized. An organization should also provide clear communication channels and whistleblowing policies. Exemplary behavior and moral integrity should be engrained in the corporate culture.


When is pre-employment screening used in the application process?

A pre-employment screening is the very last step in the application process. When you have selected the ideal candidate(s) based on the required skill and competences, we will conduct the final screening.

We can start this screening as soon as we receive the company’s permission.

How long such a screening lasts is dependent on:

  • the chosen depth of the screening
  • willingness of the applicant to cooperate

A simple screening can be done in a few days after the applicant has uploaded the required forms to our dedicated and secured website. More in-depth screenings require more time.


Who performs the screening?

The screenings are performed by the i-Force Integrity Check Team. I-Force is an independent forensic audit firm, founded in 2003. For more information on i-Force, please visit the i-Force website: www.i-Force.be

What do we check exactly?

We perform checks with the specific goal to answer these two questions :

  • Is the applicant who he says he/she is, with all qualifications mentioned on his/her application?
  • To what extent can the applicant be labeled as trustworthy and capable for the job

We mainly check these areas:

  • Personal information
  • Resume
  • Highest level of education
  • Professional qualifications and work history

These checks are only performed after explicit permission by the applicant that is the subject of the checks. He/she has the right to cancel the checks at any moment.

For more information about the checks we refer you to our white paper “Employment Integrity Screening” that can be downloaded on our website.

What is reported on?

We provide a report template presented as a “risk matrix”. In our report only that information that is relevant to our findings during the screening is included.  The report is solely factual and based on clear and objective search criteria.

Reports can be delivered in Dutch, French or English.

What if an applicant has a question?

If an applicant has questions about the pre-employment screening process he can reach our integrity check team by telephone on the number +32 (0)53 777 44 or via info@integritycheck.be

Guarantees and privacy

Is pre-employment screening legal?

Integrity check will start the screening with information that is provided by the applicant.  Along this information we use OSINT tools (Open Source INTelligence tools) to collect publicly available information about the candidate. For certain other information sources explicit permission by the applicant is needed and no other people are contacted outside those provided by the candidate. The entire process is therefore transparent and respectful of the candidate’s privacy.

Is the candidate aware of the pre-employment screening?

Yes. A screening can only start after a candidate’s permission statement. In this statement the checks that will be performed are listed and outlined. When applicable, permission will be asked in order to contact previous employers, schools and other contacts referenced by the applicant.

When do I need to inform a candidate of a pre-employment screening ?

When a screening only happens based on OSINT (open source intelligence) , notifying the applicant is not necessary. Since in a few of our modules reference checks are provided, the applicant should be informed by this. What’s more : the applicant is responsible for provide the necessary contact information of his references. A screening will never commence without clear and informed permission by the candidate. We provide a permission statement form in order to achieve this but will also ask you , the employer, to officially announce the screening to the candidate. It’s a sound strategy to mention this in the description on the job posting that a pre-employment screening will be a part of the application process. This in itself will prevent falsifications on a job application.

What will happen with the information collected on a candidate?

We can assure you that a candidate’s privacy is the highest priority atIntegrity Check. We conduct every investigation in accordance to the Law on Privacy Protection and Data Protection Act from December 8th 1992, the EU Directive 95/46/EC and/or applicable international law concerning Data Protection.

Are you bound to secrecy?

Integrity check is bound to strict secrecy concerning all confidential information that is part of a screening. All the provided information (such as name,address, date of birth, employment history, …) is only used for this specific screening.  The information is kept for 6 months , in concordance to the Law on Privacy Protection and Data Protection Act. After 6 months, the information will be destroyed.

Does an applicant have the right to review and revise his personal information?

All information is provided by the applicant on the online platform after receiving a personalized link. As long as the information is not officially submitted and electronically signed the candidate can add or remove information provided by him/her by accessing the portal via his/her personal link.

After the check the applicant has the right to demand access to information collected and can request the removal or modification of this information.